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 Clover Mist, Disney Fairies| 18
Clover Mist
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 04:13 PM
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Mirror Mirror, On The Wall
Basic Info
Character Name
Clover Mist

Character Age

Character Origin
Disney Fairy's

Face Claim
Lee Min Ho
Personality & Appearance
Clover is a sweet guy who's always been very family oriented. if asked he would happily tell anyone that his mother and sister are the most important people in his life. He's that guy who would drop everything and go running if his mother or sister were to need him. That said he's also always been really over protective of his sister and while he won't out right say it and unless something happens that causes him to say it. Though he is always watchful of her when she has a boyfriend.

Outside of that there is also his love of plants and flowers. Being a Garden fairy he spends a lot of time around them and can tell you when your doing something wrong with them. He is that guy that will be the first one to point out when your over wattering a plant. Being as attached to plants as he is it's no surprise that his dorm is covered in flowers in all honesty.

He's also fairly easy to befriend. He loves to meet new people and spends as much time with those he calls friend as he can. Most of the time he considers them to be family. there's also the fact that he likes to see the best in everyone something that has been taken advantage of several times in the past. It's a wonder he hasn't developed any trust issues.

While his looks don't change much bewteen his form in Pixi hallow andhis form in Auradon there is one big thing that will change between the two places. While tall by Fairy standards he's still no more than the size of a thimble to humans. However when he's at school he's on tyhe fairly tall side most believeing it comes from the fact that he's also fairly tall in pixi hallow as well.

His looks themselves don't really change. His wings of course are a bit more noticeable at his normal size but that's not a big deal. He's got boyish yet handsom facial features that tend to light up just a bit more when he's smiling at you. He's got brown hair that he keeps trimed and neat. His clothing tends to belike what he wears in pixi hallowusually in shades of Purple or even like a leaf green there's not denying his talent and the powers he has.

History & Powers
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