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 Titania Heart
Titania Heart
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 11:36 AM
Queen of Hearts
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Mirror Mirror, On The Wall
Basic Info
Character Name
Titania Heart

Character Age

Character Origin
Alice In Wonderland

Face Claim
Debby Ryan
Personality & Appearance
As Wonderlandians are known, she does have a bit of madness with her. Being raised by the Queen of Hearts, a villain from Wonderland, did not help matters. It is only thanks to being surrounded by those less mental that Titania isn't all gone.

Titania has a dual personality, one moment being a sass princess and the next acting like a ten year old child, but overall she is quite harmless. Despite the fact that she is a VK, her "evil" plans never go to plan, and most of the time it leaves the victim's pride bruised rather than totally ruining their life.

Titania has long, bright red hair like her mother that reaches to her mid back when straightened. She generally prefers to keep it curled, and depending on how tight they are, they can reach from just above her shoulder to just at her breasts. She also has a round face and hazel eyes, courtesy of her mystery father as her mother has a heart shaped face and blue eyes.

Like many girls, Titania loves dressing fashionably. Her colours are usually red, black, gold, and silver, but she is not opposed to wearing others if the clothing fits her taste. Like Evie, she enjoys creating her own designs, though she tends to stitch together different pieces together instead of making them from scratch.

History & Powers
Titania is the middle child, eldest daughter of the Queen of Hearts. Growing up, she, along with her siblings, would often feel the wrath of the former Queen of Wonderland. Although Jack is the first heir, she wanted all of her children to return to Wonderland where they belonged. And if they weren't causing enough mayhem to be noticed, they would certainly hear about it. Despite having inherited her mother's penchant for screaming when things didn't go her way, Nia would often run and hide whenever the Queen blew up -- she didn't want to lose her head, after all.

Because of her appearance, Nia was frequently the subject of sexual harassment. Her name would be rearranged to "big tit Nia", and her tendency to get crushes quickly and easily had many people believing her to be an easy lay -- however, she is anything but. One of the only people to come to her defence is a boy by the name of Ignatios, who is the son of Pyros, titan of fire and lava. He would do this for years before she found out, and when she did, she fell hard for him. Their relationship remains a secret, because they're afraid of what may happen if QoH or Pyros ever found out.

Most of her Wonderland magic is illusion-based. She's also able to concoct a powerful love potion.
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 Posted: Apr 7 2018, 11:13 PM
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