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 Posted: Nov 4 2017, 08:53 PM
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Q: Do I need an OOC account to join?

A: Yes, that will be the master account to tie all your charas to.

Q: Can I play an original character?

A: Oh heavens yes. By all means, make originals! All I ask is that you look at, should the character be one who is a kid of two parents who were in film, you look at the ages. For example, it wouldn't make sense for a family to have three kids all 16 years old.

Q: Your canon list seems to be missing a lot of stories. Something funny going on there?

A: Well, it occurred to me that it would be hard to cycle through every Disney tale, and it would be annoying to the people looking for canons to play to have to cycle through such a large list. If the character is not on the list, it is open.

Q: I want my family's kingdom to have a spot to play in!

A: Let me know.

Q: Can I have my character be a teacher or something?

A: Sure. Just let me know. Easy matter. I would actually love to see more adults from both Auradon and the Isle

Q: Is it possible for students to revisit the island?

A: We are going to be a bit more flexible with that. Pretty much it comes to ask the Fairy Godmother. Also, don't try sneaking stuff to the Isle. It won't work.

Q: How strict to canon is this place?

A: Well, you can expect Maleficent to try to break out. Other villains likely will too. The villain kid canons pretty much got tasked to get the wand. Beyond that, it is all up in the air as to what the other villains want, what the kids want, and so on. Given the one simple change to the number of villains actually would affect dynamics considerably, it is safe to say things will play out differently.

Q: Can I do crack ship kids like Belle/Gaston?

A: No, how it works here is the fairy tale holds true.

Q: What tales are allowed here to be used for characters?

A: Disney for sure. Any Disney Animated Tale it is safe to assume. Beyond that I would ask first and it will be on a story-by-story basis, but if it is something such as Toy Story odds are I will say yes provided we have some reason for it to be possible. For example with Toy Story, I would say Fairy Godmother turned them human or something.

Q: Do I have to list the second parent?

A: If it is someone not known, take Mal not having her father listed, then you can say not listed/known or make someone up. If it is a case of "Ok that makes sense" or fits that Maleficent is currently on the Isle and doesn't have her say with a father not on the Isle, go for it.

Q: Can I be Little Red Riding Hood?

A: Fairy Tales are likely to be allowed. Check first though.

Q:What about Star Wars/Marvel/Kingdom Hearts? They are Disney.

A:I am going to say no to all three.

Q: How do last names work?

A: Well, there are a couple options. The first is you can make it up. The other option is that you can sort of roll with it. For example: Maleficent is a fae and probably wouldn't have a last name. In short, I wouldn't worry too much about last names unless it is specified.

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