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 Cora Heart
Cora Heart
 Posted: Mar 14 2018, 12:56 PM
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Mirror Mirror, On The Wall
Basic Info
Character Name
Cora Heart

Character Age

Character Origin
Alice In Wonderland

Face Claim
Madelaine Petsch
Personality & Appearance
Like her sister, she didn't quite inherit the Wonderland madness due to being raised on the Isle, but where Nia sometimes behaves childishly, Cece acts more like the vindictive queen bee around the clock. Because she's the youngest sibling, she isn't the "rightful" heir to the throne and she's always plotting ways to grab it away from Jack (and of course, Nia since she is technically next).

Similar to her sister and mother, Cora has a nasty temper that can have her screaming her head off (pun not intended), although unlike them, it has to build up. She has slightly more patience, although if you were to ask her why, she would claim it has to do with being forced to deal with the fact she's last in line in front of her mother or face the consequences.

Like her mother and sister, she has the trademark red hair of the Heart women. The only trait that really shows she and Jack are related are their identical brown eyes. Her style, while somewhat conservative, is always on point and in fashion -- and usually has red incorporated. And she rarely goes anywhere without her lips painted a bright cherry red.

History & Powers
Text here

She also has Wonderland powers and concocts potions, with a speciality in love potions, although she dabbles with other types as well.
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