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 Posted: Mar 4 2018, 07:29 PM
King Agnarr and Queen Iduna
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Mirror Mirror, On The Wall
Basic Info
Character Name
Queen Elsa of Arendelle

Character Age

Character Origin

Face Claim
Nicola Peltz
Personality & Appearance
For many years, Elsa lived by the mantra "conceal it, don't feel it, don't let it show." After blanketing Arendelle in an eternal winter accidentally at her coronation then running away, Anna went in search of her sister. It was because of Anna that Elsa finally got control over her magic and learned that love was the key. Despite becoming more open to love and happiness, Elsa continued having a difficulty with showing those outside of her family more emotion. Elsa considers herself to be more neutral than good.

In Elsa's early days, she would wear her hair in a side French braid that rested over her shoulder. These days, the five foot seven beauty leaves her hair down in soft curls that stops just beneath her shoulders. She has also since opted for a more natural look in regards to makeup, not that it's needed since she is a naturally beautiful woman.

Elsa still wears gowns from time to time, especially during formal matters. For everyday wear, she can be seen sporting blue or white clothing. Since she stands so tall, she doesn't wear particularly high heels, but she does still dons shoes with at least an inch of a heel.

History & Powers
Conceal. Don't feel.

Her childhood was spent using her powers to play with her little sister. It didn't matter the season or the place, every day could be a winter wonderland between the pair. They were best friends. But then the incident happened. And after Gran Pabbie erased all memories of Elsa's magic from Anna's mind, Elsa fell into a state of depression. Her father taught her the mantra, "Conceal, don't feel. Don't let it show," and she lived by that mantra until her early young adult days before the shipwreck.

She was twenty-one when Agnarr and Iduna died at sea, and the throne of Arendelle was thrust on her before she felt she was ready to take on responsibilities as queen. Elsa did not yet have control of her magic, how could she rule a kingdom?

The day of her coronation would become the most emotionally challenging day of her life. She was queen, her magic was revealed to all the citizens of Arendelle, her sister announced her engagement to Hans -- whom she just met hours before. And the worst part of it was that Anna ended up hurt because she came after her to bring Elsa back to Arendelle. But she didn't want to hurt anyone, and she believed staying away was her only option.

Anna showed her that love was the answer. And once again, she uses her magic to bring happiness to those of Arendelle.

But that does not mean her demons don't still haunt her. It's been three years since her coronation, and she still wrestles with her emotions at times, although she has much better control over her magic now. It is because of this struggle that she was invited to Auradon Prep as counsellor to the VKs -- it probably helps that she's closer in age to them than most of the heroes are. And although Elsa still fears she may be viewed as a monster, she tries her best to be understanding, patient, and caring.

Elsa has the ability to conjure and manipulate ice and snow, although her magic is closely tied to her emotions. She is able to bring winter about, even if it's currently summer, although she has since learned how to reverse it (even though she doesn't generally use that side of her power, except to create ice skating rinks for people to have fun in).
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 Posted: Mar 10 2018, 08:15 PM
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