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 Jordan, 17|AK|Daughter of Genie
 Posted: Jan 4 2018, 01:34 AM
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Mirror Mirror, On The Wall
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Lilly Singh
Personality & Appearance
She's generally a friendly person, and she's highly fashionable; however she doesn't over accessorize. Known for being sassy, she'll deliberately tell someone whether or not their clothes are tacky, and change them into something more stylish, Especially if they're going to pay her a visit in her lamp. There's this thing about 'bad clothing' that gets to her.

Along with her sass, she's a little bit sarcastic. Maybe a lot a bit. We'll let you determine that. She may be an AK, but she takes nobody's crap. If she wanted, she could read a person like a book, from metaphoric cover, to metaphoric cover, and she'll do so... with pride. 

Jordan is tall, and slender, standing at about 5'7" in height. She'll often be seen in a top decorated in jewels, with a golden jacket, accompanied by 'harem pants' like her father would normally wear. She has fair skin, unlike her father whose skin is blue. She has bright blue eyes, and wears her dark purple, violet highlighted, hair in a high ponytail, and when it isn't tied up she'll wear it down in loose curls, or straightened. Her hair is long, the length of it going to her hips in a ponytail, and just past her bottom when she lets it down. 

History & Powers
Jordan was born to Genie, and an unknown mother, in Auradon. As far as she's aware, her father was Aladdin's Genie, and best friend after his lamp had been retrieved from the Cave of Wonders. She would very often, and repeatedly hear stories of their adentures, and how proud her father was to have such companions like Aladdin, and Jasmine to stop their kingdom from being overrun by a dark sorcerer. As she grew, she was taught the rules that genies had to abide by, and was told it was mandatory that she had to let those who found her lamp know there were limits to her abilities.

Over and over, she would recite these things, and commit them to memory, so she would say them out of habit. "I can't kill anybody," "I can't make anybody fall in love with anybody else," "I can't bring people back from the dead." She repeated these things constantly, until they flowed from her tongue naturally, and had embedded themselves in her repertoire.

When she started to attend school, she hid her lamp in a place where she felt noone would be able to find it. She's very cautious about it, and if asked, she'll avoid the question on its location all together. A usual change in subject, or she'll simply say 'I'll never tell.' After the consistently hearing about what happened to her father's lamp when it fell into the wrong hands, the secret location of her lamp would remain just that. A secret. Even if she were to invite someone into it, the whereabouts would still be undiscovered. Good luck trying to find it while traveling in a cloud of glittery, purple, smoke.

Being a genie like her father, she grants wishes.
She can teleport from place to place in glittery smoke.
She can leave her lamp at will.
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 Posted: Jan 5 2018, 03:47 PM
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