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 Site Rules
 Posted: Nov 4 2017, 08:56 PM
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Every site has them. Ours are very straightforward.

1. Show respect to the staff and the members.

2. We have a quality over quantity rule. In other words, no word count. Just make sure not to do anything like one-liners and give the other person something to respond to.

3. Do not post images that stretch the board.

4. Do not godmod. Controlling other charas without permission? Big no-no.

5. No metagaming. Your character can't know things it wouldn't know. If in doubt, ask.

6. Concerning activity, I am not going to go ballistic on this. There will be occasional activity checks and you should log on and post once every two weeks.

7. Concerning mature content in threads, just put a (M) in it so nobody gets shocked and it is all good.

8. Remember to make an OOC account! We have a feature to tie your accts to it!

9. This list is not exclusive in these being the only rules. Other rules that are general to most RP sites stick. If you have any question on something, ask.

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